A double glazed unit (DGU) is said to have ‘blown’ or 'failed' when you can see either condensation or markings INSIDE the sealed unit. Like in the picture. This isn't to be confused with surface moisture on the glass, as this is perfectly normal. 

When you see this, it means that your double glazed unit has now come to the end of its natural life, which can be anything from 5 to 10 years, and in some cases even longer. The reason for the wide range of time is down to a number of factors. How much your home is subject to the elements, the design of the house and even how well the unit was made in the first place.

Don’t worry though. You won’t have to change all your glazing. Just the ones where you see moisture in between the glass. 

So we can give you some idea of the replacement cost, measure left to right and top to bottom of the glass that you can see before it disappears in the frame, send that over to us using the contact us page, and we’ll email you back a very competitive price for the work. On larger projects we offer finance. On smaller ones you can pay in cash, by bank transfer or by cc.

We offer free quotes, there’s no VAT to pay and all our replacement DGU’s carry a 10 year guarantee. Against failure that is. If someone puts a brick through it, our units would not be covered by this guarantee.