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Acorn safety glazing

There are many issues to consider with glass and glazing installation or repair. This diagram shows the areas on doors, adjacent side panels, low level glazing and windows which are defined under current Building Regulations as critical areas, and therefore where safety glazing must be used. These regulations apply to both single and double glazing.

Toughened or Laminated Glass?

Safety glazing is achieved by using either toughened or laminated glass. All standard clear and obscure glass can be toughened but this takes a few days to manufacture. Both clear and obscure laminated glass doesn’t need to be processed, and can consequently be fitted immediately once cut to size.

Toughened Glass Explained

We have all seen the aftermath of a damaged phone box or bus shelter with little bits of ‘sugar’ everywhere. This is toughened glass in action.

Without going all technical, the glass is processed using both a heating and cooling process. This gives the glass its strength making it much stronger.

The only downside to using this in your home is that when it does eventually break, all the bits fall away. You will be left with a big hole where your window used to be. Which isn’t so great at keeping unwelcome visitors out!

However, if the toughened glass is in a double-glazing application, you have a second piece of glass to maintain security. But in single glazed applications, particularly on doors and low-level windows, laminated glass might be better.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass will break like a car windscreen. It will stay together as it’s bonded to a clear membrane. Although you still end up with damage, the ‘spiders web’ pattern means that your glass will stay in its frame and intruders will stay outside!

Laminated glass is standard glazing in business premises, but it is quite acceptable in door panels and other glazing applications in domestic properties.

If you occupy or own a commercial property you may be unsure if the glass you have is the older plate glass or modern laminated safety glass. We will conduct a Regulation 14 survey. This tells you which one you have. But don’t worry! If we find some of the older glass you don’t have to have it replaced immediately. By simply having a clear safety film fitted, your plate glass can be brought up to reasonable safety level and satisfy your obligations under current Health & Safety legislation.

Ring us for details, and to book your Regulation 14 survey.

Manifestation Regulations

The manifestation of glass (visible marking)  is a legal requirement in areas where there is a risk of human impact. – Workplace Health and Safety Welfare Approved Code of Practice L24 Regulation 14. The requirements are also incorporated in the Building Regulations BS6262 Part 4 Safety.

critical glazing areas


VELUX Windowsvelux window repairs by Acorn Glazing

If you have a misted up unit or cracked glass, we can replace double glazed units throughout the entire VELUX range. Simply open your window and make a note of the product number on the label. This is usually on the front right hand side when in the open position. Either give us a call or send this information via the ‘Contact Us’ form. We will give you a very competitive price for the work by return. Some of the replacement units are made up of standard glass. However there are others that are made with toughened safety glass. These can take a few days to manufacturer.

We also supply and fit a wide range of replacement parts such as handles, keeps and locks.

Do you have any VELUX windows less than 390mm in width?  If so, then please check out:

This VELUX Product Warning only affects a small batch of windows with a visible glass area of 373mm wide.  They were produced between 1997 – 2003 only.  No other types or sizes of VELUX windows are affected.

If you think you may have one of these frames in your home, or you need advice about VELUX glass or any replacement window parts, please contact VELUX directly through their website or contact us.