Patterned glass is also known as decorative or textured glass. The designs are available in a variety of patterns both modern and contemporary. It is ideal where you want light but most of all, privacy. The patterns obscure the area from being seen from the outside but allow plenty of natural light in.

Bathroom windows, and even doors, are the usual places to have patterned glass. However, many people find patterned glass to be a suitable option for furniture doors, interior partitions, shower screens and even shelving! The glass also has the option to be toughened, in order to meet safety requirements. This makes an excellent solution where you want light to come in through a front or back door, but don’t want to compromise on privacy and safety.

Whether you need to replace a misted double glazed unit  or repair a broken window, Pilkington have an extensive range of obscure and patterned glass to choose from. We are certain you will find the perfect solution to suit your taste, without compromising on the design or quality.

Here are some examples of the more popular patterns. Just behind each one there is a clock to demonstrate the privacy level.

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Patterned Glass Autumn


Patterned Glass Chantilly


Patterned Glass Charcoal Sticks

Charcoal Sticks

Patterned Glass Cotswold


Patterned Glass Digital


Patterned Glass Everglade


Patterned Glass Flemish


Patterned Glass Florielle


Patterned Glass Mayflower


Patterned Glass Minster


Patterned Glass Pelerine


Patterned Glass Stippolyte


Patterned Glass Taffeta