In commercial buildings you may have seen in fire doors a glass with wire in it.  This is Georgian Wired Clear Glass. On roof panels, you may have seen a similar one which is not see through. This is known as Georgian Wire Rough Cast Glass. Because of the inherent Health and Safety issues associated with overhead glazing, Plasiax was born.

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Plasiax™ Wire is a solid polycarbonate sheet, which provides a safer alternative to Georgian Wire Glass. Being half the weight of glass and virtually unbreakable, it is easier and safer to work with, yet retaining the Georgian Wire image with the innovative grid etched into its surface. 

Risks associated with, and the complications of, working with glass along with access or ‘working at height’ issues can all be greatly reduced by the use of Plasiax™ Wire. It is 6mm thick and is available in both clear & obscure finish to create a straight replacement for most Georgian Wire Glass glazing. 

Plasiax™ Wire has been independently tested for impact resistance so it’s great where there are issues concerning public safety, like overhead glazing, but it is not fire rated. This means it cannot be used in fire doors for example.

Some of the flaws associated with Georgian Wired glass include:  

  • The 0.5mm steel mesh laminated into the product during manufacture actually acts as flaw lines, creating weaknesses in the glass.
  • If the glass is penetrated, the wires hold small particles of glass that can severely lacerate skin and flesh which is made worse when the object is retracted
  • The product is heavy and therefore creates a safety issue when handling, especially in roofing environments.
  • Once the glass is cut to size it leaves sharp edges and exposed wires.
  • Unfit for use in interior design where edges are exposed

Whilst some feedback from installers has shown;

  • The material can be cut/adjusted to size on site with the most common tools such as jigsaw, drill or rail saw
  • Getting the sheets onto the roof is far easier as weight is half that of glass and virtually unbreakable so impact or accidental contact with edges is not an issue.
  • Sheets don’t have dangerous sharp edges

Once installed, the difference is indistinguishable – making it ideal for heritage applications.

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